The Landscape

The Limburgse Heuvelland is mainly known for its rolling landscape with vast meadows, slope forests, orchards, half-timbered farms, and sunken roads. The babbling rivers Geul and Gulp naturally wind their way between the hills. In the lush stream valleys, you can find many historical buildings, such as castles, farms, monasteries, and watermills. From the Vaalserberg, the highest point in the Netherlands, you have fantastic views over the beautiful nature reserves and the idyllic villages and hamlets in the area. Just a stone's throw away from the Vaalserberg, you'll find the Three-Country Point, where the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany meet. It's a symbolic place that illustrates the interconnectedness of these countries.

Forests and Heaths

Estates and Heritage

Polders and Farmlands

Hills and Valleys

Bike with us

Virtual cycling in Limburgse Heuvelland and Vaalserberg

Route map

You will bike in the vicinity of the towns of Vaals, Gulpen, Slenaken, Plombières, and Kelmis.

Start and finish near bike node 85 on the Landsraderweg in Gulpen. However, this bike route is a circular tour, so it offers the possibility to start from any of the following bike nodes.

85 - 428 - 427 - 92 - 1 - 57 - 58 - 4 - 6 - 5 - 93 - 90 - 86 - 85

Elevation meters