The Landscape

Midden-Drenthe has a vast and contiguous natural landscape with woods, heathland, drift sand and stream valleys. You will be pleasantly surprised by the many alternations in a landscape full of nature and farmland. Every day it seems different: the sounds and the rustle of flora and fauna, the scent of nature and farm life, the alternations in nature areas, the views over beautiful land pastures and farms with thatched roofs, quiet country lanes with flowered verges and grazing sheep herds on the heathlands.

Monument village of Orvelte is a lively open-air museum where time seems to have stood still. In 1967, Orvelte was officially designated as a protected village view. The entire village and its farms were restored and arranged to resemble how they would have looked in 1832. The monumental farms and streets paved with cobblestones and old bricks give the village a unique atmosphere. In artisan workshops and traditional shops, the past comes alive, allowing you to experience the authentic charm of bygone eras.

Bossen en Heide

Forests and Heaths

Landgoed en Erfgoed

Estates and Heritage

Moerassen en Venen

Swamps and Peatlands

Rivieren en Beken

Rivers and Streams

Bike with us

Virtual cycling in Hart van Drenthe and monument village Orvelte

Route map

You will bike in the vicinity of the towns of Westerbork, Beilen, Hooghalen, Orvelte, Hijken, and Elp.

Start and finish at bike node 90 on the Hoofdstraat in Westerbork. However, this bike route is a circular tour, so it offers the possibility to start from any of the following bike nodes.

90 - 97 - 78 - 66 - 56 - 50 - 54 - 58 - 24 - 3 - 34 - 2 - 8 - 7 - 36 - 38 - 39 - 1 - 48 - 49 - 26 - 91 - 90

Elevation meters