Cycle route planner

How does it work?

Our bicycle routes are determined according to the network of bike junctions. The bike junctions system is a network of contiguous routes. The intersections where the routes come together, are called junctions. The bike junctions are signposted and at many junctions there is an information panel with a map of the nearby bike junctions. The cycle route network is recognizable signposted with green/white signs indicating the number of the junction. Via the numbered signs you bike from junction to junction. The distances between the bike junctions are in kilometers indicated on the map. To find out more about the cycle junction network, please watch this video.

Cycle route network

To enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a cycle route in a carefree and relaxed way, a good planning is essential. Through the sytem of bike junctionsCycle route planner - Dutch cycle routes it is easy to plan your own cycle route. Over the years there have been several online cycle route planners developed, each with its own layout, gadgets and additional information and tips during the cycle route.

The most important is that you use an up-to-date route planner. That means that the layer with the cycle route network (the layer that is placed on the base map) on the map of cycle route planner should be updated regularly. Bicycle junctions are changed or removed for various reasons, for example because of the construction of a new road or a new district, which made it necessary to move or remove a particular bicycle junction.

By using a cycle route planner that regularly updates the cycle network, you will significantly reduce the possibility to miss a bike junction during your cycle route. Of course you will understand that not every new change in the cycle network can be adapted immediately in the cycle route planners. Therefore I recommend to check the information boardsCycle route planner - Dutch cycle routes at the junctions regularly during your cycle route. Below are some cycle route planners that are updated regularly.