The Landscape

The landscape south of Groningen is a vast area characterized by its green spaciousness, beautiful blue lakes, ancient forests, and numerous bird areas. What makes this landscape so special is the harmonious combination of different natural areas that alternate with each other. One moment you find yourself in a dense forest, only to come across a stunning lake that sparkles in the sunlight. From there, it is not far to impressive estates where you can still experience the grandeur of the past. An essential part of this landscape is the marsh polders. These expansive, flat farmlands play a crucial role in water storage and nature development. They symbolize space and freedom and offer beautiful views of a landscape where you can wander endlessly and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

Forests and Heaths

Polders and Farmlands

Swamps and Peatlands

Lakes and Ponds

Bike with us

Virtual cycling in Zuidlaardermeer and Hondsrug

Route map

You will bike in the vicinity of the towns of Haren, Groningen, Eelde, Hoogezand, and Paterswolde.

Start and finish near bike node 26 on the Hoornsedijk in Haren. However, this bike route is a circular tour, so it offers the possibility to start from any of the following bike nodes.

26 - 4 - 10 - 3 - 25 - 23 - 28 - 78 - 81 - 87 - 61 - 66 - 64 - 55 - 54 - 88 - 28 - 78 - 77 - 86 - 83 - 84 - 27 - 26

Elevation meters