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Beautiful wide sandy beaches, vast dunes and colorful flower bulb fields in a typical Dutch polder landscape



In the region Kop van Noord-Holland you will find a colorful landscape behind a vast dune landscape. This is where the largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world is located. A typical Dutch polder landscape with green meadows and extensive flower bulb fields full of blooming tulips, daffodils and hyacinths provide colorful scenes in the spring months. Along the North Sea coast are cozy coastal villages with beautiful sandy beaches that extend all the way to the historic naval city of Den Helder. And once in Den Helder you can enjoy along the coast very beautiful views on the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer.

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Start and finish near junction 15 on the Kneeskade in Anna Paulowna, the total distance of the route is approx. 54 km. However, this bicycle route is a round trip, so that offers you the ability to start at any desired junction.

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15 - 14 - 81 - 13 - 84 - 12 - 94 - 8 - 5 - 3 - 4 - 2 - 99 - 22 - 18 - 93 - 92 - 71 - 72 - 15

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Beautiful wide sandy beaches, vast dunes and colorful flower bulb fields in a typical Dutch polder landscape.


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