Virtual cycling with an exercise bike

Cycling on the exercise bike is much more fun when you can cycle with a screen. You can opt for an exercise bike with a built-in screen or simply use your TV, laptop or tablet. The bigger the screen, the more you'll enjoy the virtual experience. Want to explore the Dutch nature from the comfort of your own home? We have an extensive selection of virtual bike routes for you!

The exercise bike is the popular piece of workout equipment to have at home. It's convenient because it's compact, effective, and easy to use. The advantage of indoor cycling is that you don't have to worry about the weather and can always safely work on your fitness. The downside is that it can sometimes be boring to train on the exercise bike. Luckily, virtual cycling offers a solution to this problem.

You sit upright on an exercise bike at all times. Many people use the exercise bike to lose weight or improve their fitness. It's also a suitable device for older people as it places less strain on their joints. Furthermore, the movement on the exercise bike helps to stay flexible and promotes blood circulation.

Virtual cycling in the Netherlands
Bicycle routes


13 cycle routes - duration 78 minutes

Virtual cycling in Drenthe


6 cycle routes - duration 45 minutes

Virtual cycling in Flevoland


9 cycle routes - duration 63 minutes

Virtual cycling in Friesland


21 cycle routes - duration 135 minutes

Virtual cycling in Gelderland


8 cycle routes - duration 48 minutes

Virtual cycling in Groningen


6 cycle routes - duration 36 minutes

Virtual cycling in Limburg

North Brabant

9 cycle routes - duration 54 minutes

Virtual cycling in North Brabant

North Holland

7 cycle routes - duration 42 minutes

Virtual cycling in North Holland


19 cycle routes - duration 114 minutes

Virtual cycling in Overijssel


6 cycle routes - 36 minutes

Virtual cycling in Utrecht


6 cycle routes - duration 36 minutes

Virtual cycling in Zeeland

South Holland

6 cycle routes - duration 36 minutes

Virtual cycling in South Holland