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Enjoy the forests, heathlands, fens and river dunes in the National Park De Maasduinen



The National Park De Maasduinen lies between the river Maas and the German border in the north of Limburg. The Maasduinen is a beautiful nature reserve with the longest river dune belt in the Netherlands. The partly forested dunes along the eastern banks of the Meuse consist of parabolic and stripe dunes and have been created over the course of thousands of years by an unprecedented interaction of water, wind and man. Nature in the gently sloping landscape with a whimsical variety of dunes, forests, moors, shifting sands and fens is really unique. The national park stretches over a length of more than 20 kilometers and measures more than 4500 hectares in total.

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Start and finish near junction 30 on the Bosserheide in Well, the total distance of the route is approx. 48 km. However, this bicycle route is a round trip, so that offers you the ability to start at any desired junction.

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30 - 80 - 81 - 69 - 77 - 83 - 33 - 14 - 86 - 43 - 85 - 15 - 27 - 90 - 78 - 82 - 31 - 79 - 37 - 29 - 65 - 28 - 27 - 15 - 71 - 66 - 67 - 30

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A colorful landscape with sand dunes, river meadows, extensive pine and deciduous forests, moors and fens, crop fields and stream valleys with humid forests.


A picturesque landscape with moors, sandy plains, fens, forests, swamps, stream valleys and deep quarries.


Cycling in the National Park De Maasduinen with forests, heath lands, fens and river dunes along the banks of the river Meuse.


A rare terraced landscape with winding streams, lush stream valleys, quiet fens, vast forest areas and colorful heath lands.


A lush river nature in the largest connected water sports area of the Netherlands: De Maasplassen.


A gently sloping landscape with magnificent panoramic views from the highest point in the Netherlands.


A colorful sloping landscape with lush stream valleys, historic castles, old half-timbered farms, water mills and fruit orchards.


A versatile landscape with sand drifts, country estates, old peat pits and forests with heath and fens.

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