The Landscape

According to a legend, the landscape in the vicinity of the Sneekermeer was created by two burrowing giants. In the terp village of Akkrum the giants got into disagreement and both went their separate ways. They dug canals and ditches through the rugged peat landscape. Who would have ever thought that this dispute would create a beautiful open landscape where the Dutch masters of the Golden Age could only dream of. Surprising views with beautiful skies over green grasslands, intersected by a network of canals, ditches and lakes. Add to that countless grazing cows, white sailing boats on blue waters, waving reed collars and brightly colored flowers along the ditch sides and the giants would now shake hands with satisfaction.

Rivieren en Beken

Polders and Farmlands

Bossen en Heide

Swamps and Peatlands

Landgoed en Erfgoed

Lakes and Ponds

Moerassen en Venen

Rivers and Streams

Bike with us

Virtual cycling in Lage Midden and Sneekermeergebied

Route map

You will bike in the vicinity of the towns of Akkrum, Terherne, Sneek, Jirnsum, and Grou.

Start and finish near bike node 92 on the Kanadeeskestrjitte in Akkrum. However, this bicycle route is a round trip, so that offers the ability to start at any desired bike node.

92 - 22 - 43 - 68 - 65 - 61 - 59 - 50 - 49 - 55 - 57 - 42 - 21 - 20 - 28 - 29 - 45 - 46 - 92

Elevation meters