Outdoor Cycling

Our bicycle routes are planned according to the official Dutch bicycle node network system.

More about the Bicycle node network

Enjoy cycling in the great outdoors. There are many beautiful places to be found in all provinces of the Netherlands, which can easily be reached by bike. Numerous kilometers of bike paths let you enjoy diverse landscapes, beautiful nature reserves, and cultural historical landscapes elements.

Our bicycle routes

Bicycle routes

Indoor Cycling

With our virtual bike rides, you can keep moving! No more worries about bad weather or any other obstacles. Plus, you'll also learn something new!

Whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, indoor cycling allows you to explore stunning landscapes and nature reserves year-round. From the flat polders to the rolling hills and from the open seaside to the dense forests, you can savor the beauty of nature from the convenience of your home trainer or even your own couch.

Go Virtual

Experience the Dutch Landscapes

Pedal your way to free nature in the Netherlands and unwind! With loads of lovely locations spread across all its provinces, you can easily discover them all by bike. 

Roll along miles and miles of sweet cycle paths, taking in the scenic sights of diverse landscapes, stunning nature spots, and cultural-rich landscapes.

Cycling in your favorite landscape

Our Routes at a Glance

Ready to pedal your way to adventure? Our super fun interactive map has got you covered! Discover all the bike routes with a simple click. Plus, it's organized by province, so you can easily find your way to your dream route! And the best part? You can switch between routes without leaving the map!

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