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A poetically meandering brook in an ancient stream valley landscape with heather, colorful hay fields and villages on high fields



The picturesque nature and priceless culture found in the National Reserve of Drentsche Aa is unique in its kind. This cycling route runs along the lovely natural shores of lake Gasselterveld, through the colorful heather fields of Balloërveld and the extensive protected woodland areas of Gieten-Borger and Grolloo.

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Start and finish near junction 61 on the Bosweg in Gasselte, the total distance of the route is approx. 51 km. However, this bicycle route is a round trip, so that offers you the ability to start at any desired junction.

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61 - 86 - 94 - 93 - 87 - 83 - 80 - 96 - 95 - 37 - 79 - 53 - 70 - 69 - 66 - 23 - 16 - 11 - 68 - 67 - 73 - 71 - 65 - 55 - 61

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