The Landscape

In the Hart van Twente, you can enjoy a beautiful bocage landscape. What makes this landscape so special is the variety of different landscape elements you encounter here. Tall hedgerows and hedges are dividing the landscape into intimate and picturesque scenes. This area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, offering countless opportunities for walking, cycling, and exploring. Along the many winding paths, you can savor the tranquility and silence of nature. Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the cheerful songs of birds and the soothing sound of babbling brooks. In the countryside, you'll see vast green meadows where cows peacefully graze, and fields where crops like wheat, corn, and potatoes grow. But the landscape has even more to offer. Picturesque farms with thatched roofs and distinctive facades add an authentic touch to the bocage landscape. These farms are not only beautiful to behold but also tangible evidence of the long history and traditions of agriculture in this area.

Forests and Heaths

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Virtual cycling in Hart van Twente and Dinkelland

Route map

Start and finish near bike node 85 on the Nijenrode in Saasveld. However, this bicycle route is a round trip so that offers you the ability to start at any desired bicycle bike node.

85 - 84 - 60 - 58 - 81 - 82 - 76 - 80 - 38 - 77 - 37 - 92 - 91 - 94 - 95 - 80 - 21 - 22 - 99 - 49 - 98 - 93 - 55 - 90 - 86 - 85

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